We are so excited to announce that we are now offering Microblading in both of our salons. Microblading is a form of Semi Permanent Make-up used on the eyebrows to create super fine strokes that look like Natural hairs. The treatment uses a series of very small blades instead of needles and each hair stroke is individually drawn on. After the drawing process your eyebrows are slightly darker than they will be once the healing process is complete. Microblading is £175. Please note that a patch test is required 48hrs before your appointment.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have the treatment done whilst pregnant?

No due to hormones it is not guaranteed that a good result will be achieved. Best to wait until after your precious bundle has arrived.

2. How long does Microblading take?

Please allow 90-120 minutes including full consultation.

3. Does the treatment hurt?

Microblading can be uncomfortable when we make the initial strokes but after this a numbing cream is applied to help ease any discomfort.

4. How long do the results last?

This really varies dependant on your skin type and lifestyle, on average a top up is required every 1-2 years. However may be needed sooner if you have excessively oily skin or have a lot of sun exposure.

5. How long is the healing process?

28 days in total for the full healing process and complete result. Your eyebrows will be darker initially but will fade to the correct colour within a couple of weeks. So if you are having them done for a special event best booking your appointment a week or two before this time.

6.I have had SPM done previously on my eyebrows, can I still have Microblading?

Only if your eyebrows have faded a lot, eyebrow tattooing is often done in block colour where as Microblading is natural individual hair strokes so it does not give full coverage of underlying permanent make up.

7. Can I pick my colour & shape?

Of course you are consulted on every step. However we do advise on a colour to match your skin tone and hair colour. The shape is measure with precision to fit your face and insure the highest level of symmetry possible, however if you would like them thicker or thinner then this can be done. You get to see the full outline of your new eyebrows before the Microblading begins so not a problem if you would like any changes made.

8. Can I get copies of my before & after photos?

Of course we are happy to email any pictures to yourself, all photos will be kept confidential and only uploaded to social media with your consent.